Do you know about CAA-Quebec's glasses for potheads?

February 16 2018, Marie-Andrée Boisvert

Do you know about CAA-Quebec's glasses for potheads?
We hear it talked about in the media almost every day. The legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes warms peoples’ spirits rather than cooling them off.

The question of the hour is definitely how to manage marijuana use while driving. By taking part in the debate, the CAA-Quebec Foundation is working to discount the myth that people drive better when they’re high, but above all it wants to inform the public about the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs.

The famous eyeglasses

To simulate the effect of marijuana use on the brain, CAA-Quebec has planned a tour of Quebec high schools to educate young people about the risks of driving while cannabis-impaired. The glasses produce a destabilizing effect, and are included in a kit specially designed by Fatal Vision. Among other things, they distort light and change colour perception. The glasses’ destabilizing effect is being compared to that which occurs with alcohol consumption.

The social networks involved

This very serious issue is being addressed in a lighthearted way and the exercise is considered sort of funny. However, this way of learning makes it clear that marijuana greatly reduces driving skills and the CAA-Quebec Foundation really believes that all these efforts are necessary to avoid a deterioration of in road safety.

Here's the video that CAA-Quebec posted online, to illustrate the very special things people can do under the influence of cannabis.

Finally, we’re reading that marijuana impacts more than just driving. It can also affect coordination, reaction time, attention, and ability to make decisions and assess distances.

If you want to try the eyeglasses, the CAA-Quebec Foundation will be at the next Quebec City Auto Show from March 6th to 11th.